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Financial Planning

A wise man once said “He who fails to plan, is planning to fail” (Winston Churchill).


What is Financial Planning exactly?


Financial Planning is planning your personal finances to ensure that you are able to meet your current, medium and long term financial needs and goals, whether they be saving for a new house, car, children’s education, retirement and so on.


We all make plans on a daily basis. We plan what we’re going to do each day, when and where we might take our next holiday, when we will start a family, when to buy a house, what we plan to do when we retire (hopefully sit back and count our money!) and the list goes on.


Too busy to plan? Not enough time in the day? A little advice: It is REALLY important to stop, take a moment and think about your bigger pictures. You don’t want something to happen and then you’re left wondering WHAT IF?


Taking the time to sit down and discuss your financial situation with Troy from Kearneys, will help you identify your goals, establish a strategy or two, and begin the necessary steps to achieve these goals in a way that suits your situation. Troy actually does listen to what you are saying and will endeavour to come up with a solution to get you to where you want to be.


We know that the word ‘finance’ encompasses a lot, so if you’re only wanting advise for one particular financial matter (such as Super, Insurance, Mortgage, Retirement or Shares etc), no worries. Troy is a specialist in helping you with all (or just one) of your financial matters!


A dentist specialises in taking care of your teeth, a mechanic your car, a doctor your health. Kearneys Financial Management specialises in YOU. We will take care of your current, medium and/or long term financial needs and goals, and being in the business for donkeys we have all the ‘right’ connections to get you the best deal possible. Without a doubt, we’ll be able to assist you to establish, meet and maintain your financial debts and goals. It’s not by luck we’ve been in this game as long as we have…..!


Interested? We knew you would be, so click here to see the process you need to go through to make your financial plans reality.

We are Specialists in helping you! So give us a call on 02 9971 5975 or email us.