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Need a Loan or looking to Refinance?

Did you know ...
when you are looking to borrow different amounts of money and/or comparing different lenders, you could have FEE FREE banking and/or FEE FREE loans??? Even if you are looking for the “so called” fancy stuff (Professional Packages, Gold/Platinum plastic, Line of Credit, blah blah blah...)
Our priority is to find a loan that best matches your needs, keeping it simple and taking the unknowns out of the loan process.

We know that getting a loan is a big step, a big investment, and it’s a lot of money. We will simplify what can be an overwhelming experience by taking you through all the steps, from calculating your borrowing capacity, to providing you with loan comparisons, calculating your repayments, and explaining the effects of interest rate movements. Basically, if you know more than us, we will shout you a coffee (it will even be Moccona beans).

As a Mortgage Finance Broker, we can source you the BEST DEALS by providing you access to loans from all the major lenders, smaller lenders, mortgage managers, and even private lenders ... the only thing we can’t do is borrow that little bit extra (that you might need) from your parents for you.
Even if you already have a mortgage, we can still help! It might be as simple as using our expertise to negotiate a better deal with your existing lender, or ‘check the run of play’ to see what the other teams (lenders) are doing.

Remember, we are a small, caring, boutique firm ‘Specialising in You’! Who else does?

Kearneys Financial Management Specialises in helping You with:
• Mortgages/Home loans
• Personal Loans
• Business Loans
• Investment Loans
• Motor Vehicle Leases
• Car Loans
... pretty much anything to do with your finances.

So stop ‘thinking’ about that new home, that fancy car or that business you have always dreamt of starting, just DO IT! Call Kearneys now on (02) 9971 5975 or email us, and take action today!