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Australians are Underinsured


95% of Australians are underinsured – Are you shocked? So are we!

Most of us get Car Insurance in case of an accident, so why aren’t we insuring ourselves? How do we expect to pay the bills, put food on the table and continue to send the kids to school without an income?

Approximately 17,000 parents suffer from an injury or illness each year that forces to stop working. What if that happened to you?

A recent study released by Macquarie Life has revealed the extent to which Australians are underinsured, and the results are frightening.

“What has become clear is that life insurance through default super helps provide peace of mind to Australians that they are covered in the event of the worst happening, but that they have little understanding of whether that cover would really meet their needs or those of their family, if the situation arose”, said Justin Delaney, head of Macquarie Life.

If you are unsure about your cover or need help with getting life insurance, give Kearneys a call on (02) 9971 5975 or email us.

*For more information on the study visit
** Statistics were taken from 2010 Lifewise/ NATSEM Underinsurance Report available from

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